The Flower Inside Your Mind

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Most of the people would think that the most complicated part of the world can be found in science and mathematics. It is because these two subjects have been known to contain the most difficult equations and chemical problems that need to be solved. Most of the people believe that very few people are blessed with the ability to fully understand these subjects to its highest level. Moreover they idolize those individuals whom they think are amazing when it comes to science and mathematics.

However it is a mistake to believe that science and mathematics are the most complex things in the world. The only thing that makes these two subjects difficult is that it requires people to think, analyze and compute several numbers and end up with a single answer which must be true to all. A single mathematical equation must have a single mathematical answer. A scientific experiment must agree or coincide with a scientific law. On the other hand there is a more complex thing that requires the attention of all human beings.

This thing is commonly ignored or neglected by several people. It is because it has been taken for granted and remains unimportant for some. This complex thing is none other than the behavior of all human beings. The human behavior is more complex compared to any forms of mathematical equations or scientific discoveries. It is because there is no such thing that could thoroughly explain the behavior of a certain person. There are indeed patterns of human behavior in which one could use to modify a person’s behavior. However these patterns do not guarantee any certainties. The human mind is more complex than any person could ever think.

One of the greatest things that involve human behavior is our capacity or tendency to think of a way to make our loved ones happy and satisfied. It even becomes more complex when people are influenced with the things that they considered valuable to them. One of the most amazing behaviors of a human being is to ask for forgiveness when he or she have hurt the feelings of his or her friends and loved ones.

Human beings tend to use things or stuffs to express their feelings. One of the most common of these stuffs is flowers. Flowers have been known to alleviate the negative feelings of a person. Flowers are used to make a person smile. It is also used to express the feelings of happiness and joy. It calms and soothes the minds of those who suffer from great tension. Nowadays flowers are even used as a form of therapy to help those individuals who have great problems when it comes to stress and other social problems.

Flowers even became the exact representation of the human soul. Its beauty and glamour tend to hide or erase the feelings of complexity of human beings. People are very much lucky to witness and live in a world which is full of colorful and beautiful flowers.