How to Be Creative With Pressed Flowers

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It’s sad how so many people don’t recognize or appreciate their own creativity. If you are one of these unfortunate individuals take heart.

I for one, never dreamed that I could be creative until I discovered the joys of flower pressing. But as soon as I discovered flower pressing my talents literally started to bloom!

And it was so easy because the flowers did most of the work for me. I simply couldn’t go wrong because the flowers themselves dictated the designs and I simply obeyed. It was exhilarating.

I soon discovered that if there was a particular aspect of flower pressing that I really enjoyed, it would suddenly begin to take off and succeed beyond my wildest expectations.

For example I loved the actual process of designing my greeting cards. And because it soon became top of mind, I became aware of the little designs everywhere that most people don’t even see.

If I saw the dainty edgings on a table cloth it immediately became an inspiration for a new design. Or if I noticed a delicate flower painting on a teacup it was another source of inspiration.

It really became quite exciting and I started to get a reputation for being artistic and creative. It was almost as if my creativity was taking on a life of its own. I even surprised myself and my designs became lovelier and more distinctive as I created one after another.

Gardens, parks and waysides also became a source of inspiration for me and I began to see the little buds, dainty shoots and tendrils that busy folk pass by.

As the seasons turned from spring to summer to autumn, nature responded with a show of the most intricate and colourful designs that I only had to harvest and take home to my busy flower presses.

The best part is that throughout the seasons there is always something to do. In spring and summer I pick and harvest while in autumn and winter I make my designs.

If you are looking for a hobby or a new craft, flower pressing is such a happy and creative outlet. I can recommend it heartily. You won’t look back.