Business Flower Delivery – The Ultimate Corporate Gift

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Many think of flower delivery when they want to send something special to those they have an intimate connection with. What many forget is that flowers can be turned into the ultimate corporate gift for those connected in a less than personal way. In fact, flower arrangements could be the corporate gift that wins you a great client or finally convinces that businessman that they should partner up with you.

The trick is to think beyond standard flower bouquets. You aren’t interested in the arrangement made just for Mother’s Day or the standard dozen red roses with baby’s breath. You want something that is more professional and which will be a lot more impressive when it shows up on someone’s desk at work.

You aren’t surprising your girlfriend in her cubicle. You are impressing the big man in his big office so he will write the big checks or join your team and help you earn the big checks. That requires you to of course, go big.

Continuous Flower Services

One idea is to send a flower delivery service which delivers fresh flowers every day for a certain period of time. This is a good idea if there is a deadline for a client to make a big purchase or for someone to sign a deal with your business. Arrange to have flowers delivered to their offices every day until the deadline.

It is important to make sure that the person you are trying to impress actually knows that you have been sending these flowers for their office. Send them a personal note after the first flowers have been delivered stating that you hope they enjoy the flowers and hope to hear from them by the end of the service to make that contract.

Big Arrangements

You can also make a statement by sending a very large arrangement of flowers to someone you want to impress in the business. Go for elaborate arrangements with a lot of color and personality. This arrangement will draw a lot of attention from other associates and workers in the office and they will ask who they were from. Your recipient will be reminded of you every time they have to say that you were the one who was so thoughtful to send them.

You might also include gourmet cookies and other treats that can be enjoyed by the entire office. This will really get people asking who sent the great gift.

Unusual Flower Varieties

You may also score some brownie points if you can send unusual flowers that are known to be expensive. Look around online and you will find descriptions of different options through flower delivery services. You will notice right off which arrangements are more expensive than others or which flowers tend to take the price of a bouquet up.

All of these corporate gift ideas should obviously be kept for those big clients or potential partners that you really want to impress. You will still need the cheaper corporate gifts like t-shirts and key chains with your logo, but you won’t need to put a logo on these corporate flower gifts. The note that comes with it will identify you as the sender and they will know who you are without the logo.